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These Neosurf cards are available online on beCHARGE

Your Neosurf can be used immediately; there is no need to activate your voucher.

Protect like CASH.
DO NOT respond to cold calls asking you to send Neosurf code details.
NEVER use to pay fines, fees or deliveries.
NEVER enter your pincode on a website whose link was sent to you by a third party.

These codes are only valid in the Netherlands with all current advantages


Neosurf €15

€ 1.50 administrative fees

Neosurf €25

€ 1.75 administrative fees

Neosurf €30

€ 1.75 administrative fees

Neosurf €50

€ 1.95 administrative fees

Neosurf €100

€ 2.95 administrative fees

Buying online a Neosurf payment code on beCHARGE that’s:

  • Simple: click on the Neosurf brand.

  • Fast: choose the amount, enter your email or log in with Google to receive the code.

  • Secure: choose the available payment method: iDeal.

  • Immediate: the unique Neosurf payment code appears on the screen and is immediately delivered by email. It can be used immediately on all approved sites.

  • Advantageous: the codes purchased on beCHARGE allow you to benefit from Neosurf whenever you want.

Buy Neosurf on beCHARGE.

On beCHARGE, you can easily buy a Neosurf code online. It is an alternative payment system to credit cards that allows you a complete confidentiality when shopping online or gaming. This card allows you to pay without having to disclose your personal details. Simply buy the amount of your choice: 15€, 25€, 30€, 50€ or 100€. Neosurf codes are made for all budgets and give you the opportunity to make secure payments on hundreds of approved websites. Neosurf is available on beCHARGE, the website where you can buy all your top-up codes 24h/24 online. This product is officially sold with the explicit consent of the publisher. Also check out the other similar products on your favorite website.

Why would you need a Neosurf payment card?

Do you need a unique code to play online, for dating or to pay for your purchases? Did you know that it is possible to maintain your anonymity when shopping online and thus protect your privacy? It’s just like paying with cash. Neosurf gives you this opportunity through its possibility of use during secure payments on thousands of websites. This type of payment is even very frequently accepted on more than 20.000 sites! Plenty of choice! Thanks to beCHARGE, you can top up your account online at any time and from anywhere with our top up coupons ranging from € 15 to € 100, available 24 hours a day. You will then have plenty of time to shop online without worrying about invading your privacy. You can at any time consult the Neosurf customer help center.

Buying Neosurf is fast, easy and secure on beCHARGE!

Are you running out of credit on your Neosurf account and do you have the habit of making your payments on the internet anonymously? beCHARGE is here to provide you with the necessary codes. Neosurf works just like a credit card without all of its drawbacks. Paying with Neosurf works the same way as our other online payment products on our site. beCHARGE also offers other similar products in its product range : Paysafecard, Ticket Premium or many other attractive products of alternative payment. Our site is available on desktop, tablet or mobile 24 hours a day and is 100% secure. Thanks to beCHARGE, shopping online or making any payment while protecting your personal data is possible. beCHARGE is indeed the official reseller of more than one hundred leading brands.

The delivery of a Neosurf code of 15€, 25€, 30€, 50€ or 100€ is instant.

On beCHARGE, you can choose from several Neosurf prepaid credit amounts from €15 to €100. We give you the opportunity to buy different values. Once your payment has been completed using the secure payment method of your choice, you will immediately receive an email giving you access to the code which will allow you to top up your Nesosurf account. You can consult our sales conditions at any time.

What is the PWA? A Progressive Web App that is built like a website but acts like an application. Once installed, an icon with the beCHARGE logo will appear on your home screen. All you have to do is click and enjoy our many products.